“All Welcome” at Radford family Hanna Road Leaf Shack

Hanna Road Maple Leaf fans Doug and Elizabeth Radford have re-launched a family tradition to celebrate their favorite team making it to the Stanley Cup finals. Here we see Elizabeth and daughter Jessica flanking the Radfords prominent neighborhood invitation for friends and neighbors to join them in the family’s Leaf Shack. For the first game on Wednesday night, the Radfords entertained 20 guests in their backyard under a tent cover that Doug has rigged there. Inside, a large TV screen permits close up and congenial hockey watching. Better than a sports bar, we say. The Leaf Shack dates from the days when Jessica and her sister, Sarah, were quite young — and the Leaf’s were contenders. The family used to watch games in a Leaf Shack in their tent trailer. The tent trailer having long since died, Doug struck upon the idea of his current backyard entertainment centre. The next game is Saturday and, as the signs over Hanna Road (near Millwood) proclaim,  “All Welcome”.