Hillsdale residents win victory in apartment development

hillsdale 550-2

Davisville resident Nandy Heule and her neighbors have had an important win at the Committee of Adjustment. Committee agreed with the residents, and with the South Eglinton Residents and Ratepayers Association (SERRA) on an important intensification file. The address is 585 Hillsdale Ave. where the development application asked to tear down a small apartment building, sever the lot and build two “very large tall” homes. As Nandy reports, the developer has appealed the decision. Three residents are noted for helping to organize some 50 homeowners. They are  Bartek (Bart) Plocienniczak, Andrew Pagel, and Ellen Demidov.  The residents are not intractable, as a further explanation shows. This development might have created a “win win” say the homeowners if the plan had been “closer to the required local zoning bylaws.” A letter of opposition came from councilor Josh Matlow. The residents say they are looking for “respectful, sensible redevelopment.” No doubt there will more to hear on this important stand made by the residents of Hillsdale Ave. Many thanks to Nandy Heule for writing to the The South Bayview Bulldog. You can write to The Bulldog too.