St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church takes 2015 “family picture”

group-1 550 Members of the congregation of St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church had an added duty today (Sunday, September 20, 2015). They filed out of the morning service to stand on the front steps and have their picture taken. It’s always a popular moment. The Rev. Beth Benson and Assistant Curate, The Rev. Jonathan Turtle, led the worshippers. This is the 125th Anniversary of St. Cuthbert’s and the gathering stood in front of newly refurbished doors, an anniversary capital project. Parishioners of all ages were there, some families with grandkids, parents and grandparents joyfully together. In all, there were about 100 church members posing for Anglican Journal Photographer Michael Hudson. His exploits on Bayview Ave. are seen below as he (left) tries to stop cars (centre) “drivers just don’t get it” and (right) Michael finally gets off several shots. Do you have an event in South Bayview? Write to The Bulldog 

michael all