We’re looking for Bike Share users to tell their stores

News Monday that about 120 new stations will be added to the Bike Share Toronto network over the next two weeks may be exciting news for Bike share users, and those who think they might like to use this system of rental bikes. It is said the additions will effectively double the size and scope of the system. There are now about 1,000 bikes spread across 80 stations but beginning today crews will be setting up 120 additional stations and adding 1,000 bikes.


The question asked about Bike Share is whether it works for anyone. The ownership of bicycles among people who are serious about cycling seems high.  But those who know and advocate bike sharing say it is really a way of expediting pedestrians. That’s fine, but what is the demand for this type of hybrid?  It doesn’t seem helpful for people riding to work unless the station is pretty handy both to home and work. Nice for tourists. Can we hear from Bike Share users about how they make the system for them?