CGS students follow “Daily Five” program to literacy


“Yes, Daily Five”

“Yes, Daily Five!!!” These are the words you hear echoing through the Grade 1 classroom at Children’s Garden School when it’s time for ‘read to self,’ one of the five components of The Daily Five program (a program that fosters independence in literacy). The other four components are: read to someone, work on writing, listen to reading and word work. The Grade 1s at CGS are currently focusing on ‘read to self’. They are doing a great job of building their reading stamina and applying new reading strategies.

To help make reading fun for this active age group, Kara Greenwood, Grade 1 teacher at CGS, is employing all sorts of creative tools to help the children meet challenges that come up when reading and writing on their own. Students recently learned the reading strategy of flipping the vowel sound. If they are stuck on a word that just doesn’t sound right, they now know to try both the long and short vowel sounds. To help them remember to apply this strategy each student made their very own Flippy the Dolphin.


Learning to rhyme and “flip” vowels

The Grade 1s have also been working on rhyming. They had a great time making their very own magic wands (just like the wand found in the story Emeraldalicious) to help them come up with rhymes. The children enjoyed the story and figuring out that the wand only granted magic wishes that rhymed.

 “I wish for a mermaid tail that glimmers and shimmers.” Reese

 “I wish for a toy that can transform into a boy.” Charlie

 “I wish for a dog that can jog.” Eleni

Making learning fun isn’t limited to literacy in the Grade 1 classroom, students have also been learning their 10 facts with the help of a magic rainbow! If they follow the rainbow (and the numbers that correspond with each colour) they will make a ten fact. The students are making their own 10 fact rainbows to be turned into placemats to take home this week.



Learning My Ten Facts with Magic Rainbow

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