Firm guilty in Brookdale Ave. collapse that killed teen

A construction company has pleaded guilty to two charges under labour laws in the death of a young man at 245 Brookdale Ave. two years ago. The home collapsed during work to lower the basement floor killing a 19-year-old man who it appears was merely helping out at the site. The home was being worked on by Euro Group Ltd. at the location just west of Greer Ave. on Sept. 9, 2014 when a “pancake collapse” occurred. Experts say the entire house fell directly down in one motion. The collapse killed the teen and trapped two others under the rubble. One of those men was able to escape on his own, while the other injured worker was taken to hospital after emergency crews dug a trench through the debris to reach him. The mid-afternoon collapse of the home caused administrators at John Wanless School across the street to conduct a staged release of kids into the care of parents or guardians. Sentencing will be Dec 9, 2016.