Board passes plan to modernize Toronto Police Service

The plan to modernize the Toronto Police Service was passed by the police board Thursday amid expressions of optimism by the current mayor and angry criticism from former mayor John Sewell. The plan seems to be largely a mystery to people at large. The current intention to merge police divisions has focussed more on 54 and 55 Divisions and less on 53 Division. Why these areas have become issues is also lost on many. There is certainly less crime in east-central Midtown. The thrust to move officers to areas of higher crime is contentious with the rank and file. It has brought ferocious opposition from the police union. Former mayor Sewell was deeply doubtful that the plan would ever be implemented. The hoped for reform has its origins in the cost of policing Toronto.


Also this week, Chief Saunders has said that the Pride Toronto organisation is behind in its plans for security at the annual parade through downtown in June. It is an enormous event drawing people from across the continent. The police are duty-bound by the Police Services Act of Ontario to make provision for the public safety in such circumstances.  At the same time, the current atmosphere at Pride is that the police are not wanted in the parade. Black Lives Matters presumes to speak for Pride. They say the police make them feel threatened  It is a nice state of affairs.