CGS students learn the universal language of Gumboots

The children had a wonderful day at CGS Wednesday as they got the opportunity to experience Gumboots dancing. Just Aissi, an accomplished choreographer and percussionist, came to the Eglinton Ave E. school again this year for a workshop with both the JK/SK and 1-3 students. The children learned that Gumboots originates in South Africa and was created by miners who were forbidden to speak while they worked. They invented codes and rhythms by clapping, stomping and slapping their boots. Students got a kick out of wearing their rubber boots, and picked up the moves and rhythms well. They were very surprised at how tiring this was. They were exhausted afterwards. The JK/SKs also learned how to sing a song in Zulu. This was a wonderful activity to commemorate Black History Month and experience a different kind of physical activity. Thank you to the CGS PA for sponsoring this again for our students.