Foreboding ahead of overtime, sick pay proposals in Ontario

A report from the Changing Workplaces Review is said to be coming due at Queen’s Park and the reportage is filled with foreboding about what it may mean for business. Some of the freebies to workers suggested are shown below. And while it is true the government can apply all or any of these changes, it cannot make businesses stay in business. A place like Dollarama is famous for its part-time pay regime by which it avoids much pension payment cost. Many small businesses might find it necessary to close if they are required to stream another $5 or $10,000 into sick pay, higher overtime or “human resources” to deal with union membership. CBC

  • Making paid sick days mandatory.
  • Boosting the minimum required paid vacation to three weeks per year from the current two weeks.
  • Lowering the threshold at which overtime pay must kick in to 40 hours, down from the current 44 hours.
  • Abolishing the lower minimum wage for students under 18 and people who serve alcohol.
  • Requiring employers to pay their part-time workers the same as full-time workers doing similar jobs.