55 Division officers step outside station and deliver a baby

Police from nearby 55 Division knew what to do when they looked through the window of a stopped taxi at Coxwell Ave and Dundas Street to see a baby being born. “I just walked up to the passenger side and looked in the back window and sure enough there was a woman lying on the back seat,” PC Colin McLaughlin told the CBC. Right behind him was Staff Sergeant Kim O’Toole,  a 22-year veteran of the TPS with a long list of academic and administrative distinctions to her name (bio). Seeing the baby’s head, O’Toole told the woman to push some more. That was all it took. The baby came out and within a second or two was wailing. It began when a call came in to 55 division that an expectant woman was on her way to the station at 101 Coxwell for help.. The two officers went outside and saw the stopped taxi.