Chiropractor shot by receptionist’s husband says CTV News

The killing of a Burlington chiropractor, Ferdinand “Fred” Mejilla, was perpetrated by a former patient who is himself in critical condition with wounds which were apparently self-inflicted. This man, identified by police as David Williamson, 44, was a former patient of Dr, Mejilla’s and, according to a CTV News source, is married to Dr. Mejilla’s receptionist. She is so far unnamed. It appears that she was present in the Burlington office of Dr. Mejilla when the shootings occurred. So far there has been no speculation about just what prompted the attack and attempted suicide, or at any rate, self-inflicted wounds. The story is the more distressing because Dr. Mejilla is said to have five children between the ages of 19 and 11. There is also someone described by the CTV source as a girlfriend to the chiropractor. The Mejilla Family Chiropractic Clinic is in a strip mall on Plains Road East in Burlington.