Civilian police employee named for work in trauma cases

Avis Ottey, a civilian employee of the Toronto Police Service has been given the St. Michael’s Award for her work in assisting members of the TPS recover from the trauma sometimes encountered in their work. Ottey is the liaison to the TPS Employee and Family Assistance Program as well as Critical Incidents Response Team Coordinator. She was nominated for the award by Detective Sergeant Elizabett Cordeiro (left in photo). Ottey recalled the deaths of Service members Ryan Russell in 2011 and John Zivcic two years later, who died in the line of duty, as two critical incidents that have stood out for her. Russell, an 11-year police officer succumbed to his injuries after being struck by a snowplow allegedly stolen at a downtown intersection, while Zivcic died in hospital after being involved in a traffic collision.

City Executive is meeting Tuesday and approval will be sought by Mayor Tory and others for approval of the newly-revised $3.35 billion estimated cost of the Scarborough subway. The folly of this project is widely known and it is expected that those who object to the cost and inefficiency of the scheme will also be heard.  Also at City Hall, proponents of so-called ranked ballots say they will renew their efforts to see this form of voting implemented for the 2022 municipal election. The concept permits voters first and second choices. This allows for a run-off count if the leading candidate fails to obtain 50 percent of the popular vote. City council had committed to ranked ballot for 2018 but then reneged.