Colleagues urge disgraced Sen. Meredith to quit chamber

Senator Don Meredith has been urged to resign from the Senate to avoid further harm to the institution. The pentecostal minister is facing renewed pressure following report about his sexual relationship with a teenage girl. In an open letter to Meredith, Senator Andre Pratte begged him to leave quickly, for the sake of his colleagues. “I am writing to plead with you to resign from the Senate as soon as possible,” the letter says. “If you do not, I am afraid you will do yourself and, most importantly, the institution, unnecessary and lasting harm.” The 52-year-old is executive director of the GTA Faith Alliance which focuses on the issue of youth violence, particularly involving gangs and guns, and a member of the Canadian Senate. The GTA Faith Alliance has organized peace rallies in the Malvern and Rexdale communities of Toronto following incidents of violence as well as organizing town hall meetings on related community issues.

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