Cut and cover excavation looms at Bayview and Eglinton

The cut-and-cover phase of construction of the Leaside LRT Station at Bayview and Eglinton Aves. is about to begin. It is a period that will try drivers and pedestrians alike as the entire intersection is dug up, covered with planks and maintained that way for two years or more. Single lane travel will be the order of the day. They were explaining this at the Metrolinx Leaside Station Open House in the William Lea Room Tuesday night. The large footprint for the track level station and concourse above it stretches from past the crosswalks on Egljnton to the curbs on both sides. It will go down a dizzying 30 metres to the tracks. There is a lot of earth to be moved. Metrolinx was showing a diagram (above) of the first stage of traffic diversions complete with two no-right-turns and three no-left-turns. This configuration will last four to six months and will be replaced with a different set of restrictions. In total, Metrolinx expects four different such sets of restrictions.


Taking it one day at a time, the current pedestrian detours are tricky.  Northbound pedestrians on the east side of Bayview have already misunderstood the arrow which is intended to send them over to the west side. The crossing looks chancy (see photo) so some charge through the signs to the north side of Eglinton where they can cross Bayview with a greater sense of security. Be careful all.