Filth City, skirt my signal, Rihanna and tell it to the marines

The makers of Filth City — a definitively sordid little movie — defend their work as honest. It certainly rubs the public nose in Rob Ford’s mess. His brother says it’s garbage and so does his nephew. But his wife says he wouldn’t care. Still, she won’t let the kids see it, according to family friend Joe Warmington of the Sun. To the right, US Marine Corps Commandant General Robert Neller has a few words for the troops about using your phone to take pictures of other members (naked) and posting them on Facebook. This is not the way to get ready for a battle, he says. The Commandant does not venture a comment on the 2017 practice of women marines posing naked.


Moving on, in Melbourne the City Fathers (can we say that?) have decided to install Walk signals which depict women. The Premier might like this one as a way to get a handle on unconscious bias. That’s what one woman calls the previously all-panted figures who popped up on green. Finally, there is nothing unconscious (or biased, so far as we can tell) about the scholastic costumes Rihanna has shown at her latest fashion gala. Wear those clothes!