Fisher school parents rally against tower plan next door

Public anger appears to be growing over the approval given to build a 35-storey tower next to John Fisher Public School on Erskine Ave. near Yonge Street. Parents are rallying Thursday at the school to protest the planned high-rise apartment. Taylor Roberts, a father of one of the students at the public school, told CP24 that the Toronto District School Board has made it “clear” that the land cannot accommodate “the activities that will happen with the condo.” “This is going to be a 35-storey building directly next to their kindergarten’s playground. When they come to clean the windows twice a year, do we have to close our school?… Things can fall off of a balcony right on to a child in the playground,” he said. Mayor Tory is scheduled to attend the protest.

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  1. Nancy Larsen
    March 9, 2017 at 10:30 am

    Is there a petition where the public can sign to overturn the OMB decision to allow this development next to John Fisher Public School? Any decision can be reversed if enough people voice their disapproval.

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