Flashy 22-year-old “Mr. Karim” charged with Yahoo hack

The young man arrested Tuesday at 8.05 a.m. and now held for extradition to the US was known around Ancaster as a digital genius who reputedly made enormous money with his skills  But local people said they were sure that something wasn’t quite right. How could a 22-year-old afford that light blue Lamborghini?  And what was it with the name — he insisted on being known at Mr. Karim. Now the ever-flashy Mr. Karim is implicated in the 2014 hack of Yahoo names and information along with three others, including two Russian agents. He is behind bars and looking at prosecution by the US Attorney General.


A sad insight is had from a Facebook post February 14: “Hey guys, let me share a very personal story with you, that not many people know. Exactly 4 years ago I got suspended from school for a few weeks for threatening to kill my ex-friend as a joke. At first, I felt really upset as I have never got into trouble before; but time off school allowed me to work on my online projects 24/7, and really move my businesses to the next level. I was well off in high school to be able to afford driving a BMW 7 series and pay off a mortgage on my first house; however, all the extra free time allowed me to make triple and even quadruple the normal amount. By the time my suspension was done, I changed my whole life plan! I didn’t wanna do post secondary anymore! The principal asked me to go see her and asked if I learned my lesson. She was very rude the whole time, so I politely asked her to go —- herself, which led to my expulsion as I wanted. I only had 1 semester to graduate anyways, which I completed in 2 weeks by taking half courses online, and half via self-education program. Everything happens for a reason, and this really changed my life to better! My advise to you is give yourself permission to get the most out of your life. Taking shortcuts doesn’t mean shortcutting the end result”. Canada link as Russian agents nabbed in Yahoo hack  Canadian Press