Liquor and Marijuana Control Board of Ontario on the way?

It may not be far off as the federal Liberals are said to be ready to reveal planned legislation to make marijuana legal in Canada. Leaked bits of the scheme so far suggests that, as constitutionally proper, the provinces would control how and where marijuana is sold. The present Premier will put retail sale of pot in the hands of the LCBO. In seems likely that a successor from any party would do the same. Yes, that would mean all the slap-up dispensaries would be illegal. But then what were their owners thinking anyway when they entered the retail dope game?


Reports say that those who wish to grow their own marijuana will be limited to four plants per home. CBC says all this and more may be announced during the week of April 10 and will broadly follow the recommendation of a federally appointed task force that was chaired by former liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan.


At Queen’s Park Attorney General Yasir Naqvi would not be pinned down Monday, when asked about age limits and sales locations. “We have not made any decisions.” He said nothing has been ruled out in terms of potential sales locations, including the government-run LCBO liquor stores, pharmacies, or private pot shops.