LPOA meeting hears traffic calming ideas for South Leaside

The second of two public meetings convened by the Leaside Property Owners Association to deal with traffic was held Wednesday in the William Lea Room at Leaside Arena. This meeting addressed traffic in south Leaside (south of Eglinton). The meeting heard from Gene Chartier, with the consulting firm of Paradigm Transportation Solutions, who reviewed traffic calming concepts similar to those discussed in previous meetings. These include signage, raised crosswalks, laddered (or painted stripes) crosswalks, traffic cushions (temporary road dividers) and speed bumps. The head of the South Leaside Traffic Committee., Erica Cooke, was unable to attend  Some of her concerns, and the committee’s, are contained in the stories linked here.  “Gateway to Leaside” seen as one way to calm traffic  Study asks changes in lights at Laird and McRae/Wicksteed  North Leaside Traffic discussed Wednesday evening