Marijuana “not benign” says City MOH Dr. Eileen de Villa

Toronto medical officer of health Eileen de Villa is vowing to adopt and advocate for “a strong public health approach to marijuana legalization and regulation.” Dr. de Villa says there is a role for legalization and regulation of marijuana but cautions against notions that is completely benign. Dope dispensary principals such as Mark and Jodie Emery are frequently seen in the news insisting that marijuana is “completely harmless.” On her first official day as Toronto MOH, Dr. de Villa did not venture into the recreational use of marijuana or how it might be sold. The Liberal government has chosen to announce the outline for the sale of marijuana on Thursday, April 20, 2017, known to many as 4/20 or pot smoking day. Some criticized the choice of symbolism for such an announcement. Dr. de Villa is the mother of three sons and was previously the MOH of the Region of Peel. She made the video below in 2016 for the Crescent School for boys on Bayview Ave. where she is a member of the board of governors.