Parkette manager installs buzz box to deter undesirables

The managers of a privately-owned McGill Parkette at 415 Yonge Street south of Gerrard Street opposite College Park have hastily removed a noise-making machine which they say was designed to repel undesirable people hanging out there. News of the device, an electronic box which emitted a high-frequency buzzing, has surprised Councillor Kristin Wong-Tam who told City New that she had never dealt with anything like this before. John Mah, vice-president of Asset Management, told City News the firm intended to target the “high proportion of transient occupants with no vested interest in the welfare of the community or neighbourhood.” A single comment to City News about the story contained somewhat more direct language. It said “the amount of people doing hard drugs, during the day on park benches is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. I work in the area and see it all day long and you cannot walk through that park on your lunch without getting chased, harassed etc by these people. Smoking crack pipes in plain sight — brutal. The City needs to get a grip and their priorities straight”

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