“Parkland” behind arena to remain ever isolated, unused?

The pleasant open land that sits behind Leaside Memorial Gardens is a secret to many people. That’s because it’s locked away without access by road or any public entrance. The sole access to this parcel measuring perhaps a third to a half an acre is down the walk way that sits beside the wall to the old rink, now named in honour of local businessman Bert F. Grant. With changing times interest was kindled among some in making the land into a public park. The renovations to the Gardens swimming pool are compete and access to the Gardens from the parkland has been walled off with a high chain link fence. Land at the corner of Southvale and Millwood is about to see a condominium development designed by Shane Baghai. In many ways, it would be nice to have parkland available not just to those who live on Southvale but for everyone on this greenery. But access is difficult. And, homeowners whose properties back onto this quiet secret place (Southvale, Leacrest Road cul-de-sac) might object.