Performing Arts Summer Camp offered for area children

Bamboo Bay Art Craft and Play Studio in Leaside is offering an exciting Performing Summer Arts Camp program for local children which features activities in drama, music, art and dance. The venue is nearby in Leaside with two days of stage production at St. Bonaventure Church Hall near Edwards Gardens on Don Mills Road. The program is a collaboration of Megan Slater, a teacher at St. Bonaventure School and Carrie Laureola, founder of Bamboo Bay. “I think it’s a very unique opportunity because we’re offering all four areas of the arts in one camp,” says Carrie. “We’re holding a performance at the end of the three-week camp. It will be a big show on July 27th and a big party on the 28th to celebrate the achievements of the children with awards and a video of the performance.”  Megan Slater specializes in drama and music. She sees the summer camp as an introduction for children to learn stagecraft, acting, singing and how it’s all put together to create a show. “It’s great partnering with Carrie because as you know putting on a show requires costuming, masks, backdrops and so we thought why not have the kids work to create those elements as well.” said Megan. The Camp will run from July 10 to July 28, 2017 and parents are urged to plan ahead by taking advantage of an”early bird” discount that will save them $75. When they do the total will be just $875 and taxes.(416) 901-1255  Read the biographies of Carrie Laureola and Megan Slater