Police warn of man trying to pick up children near school

Police warn of a man who is driving around northeast Scarborough trying to pick up children. There have been three cases in a month, one of them Friday (yesterday). The first two happened in the area of Burrows Hall Blvd and Purvis Crescent southeast of Sheppard and Progress. The incident on Friday occurred at Mammoth Hall Trail and Malvern Street near Malvern Junior Public School.  In this case the man was said to be wearing a ski mask. In all cases the kids knew enough to run away. Parents should be on the alert and again warn kids to run from such encounters. The man is described as brown, 35-45, wearing reading glasses. He may have been wearing a Blue Jays shirt and a Blue Jays baseball cap in one of the incidents. The vehicle is described as a charcoal or metallic-grey sedan. In the third incident, the vehicle was described as a small, silver, four-door vehicle.


The sorry pattern of teen boys preying on teen girls in the sex trafficking trade has played out again in an alleged matter in Toronto. Police say  a 17-year-old girl met a man in Montreal and came to Toronto at his behest apparently thinking it was merely a visit.  Once here, the man took and destroyed the girl’s cellular phone and identification  He then forced her to work in the sex trade as an escort, posting advertisements on the website backpage.com.  The girl was forced to hand over all the money she made On March 4 the girl managed to escape and subsequently contacted police.  The next day, police arrested Jahvon Collins, 19, of Montreal on 14 charges.