Poll says 48% oppose Pride ban on cops, but 21% support it

There is widespread disapproval of the decision by Pride Toronto to eject the police from their annual parade. Forum Research set the number at just under half (48%) who don’t like it. Remarkably, the poll reveals that 2-in-10 of those polled (21%) approve of the lack of a police float. The remainder have no opinion or don’t know. The polls specifics reveal a stunning divide among better-off and better-educated people of the City and those who have less and live downtown. Those most likely to disapprove include respondents aged 35 and over (35-44: 51%), (45-54: 50%), (55-64: 50%), (65+: 49%), earning $60,000 or more ($60,000-$80,000: 57%), ($80,000-$100,000: 59%), ($100,000-$250,000: 58%) with a college or university degree (53%), and supporting the PC (55%) or Liberal (52%) parties. Those most likely to approve include those aged 34 or less (26%), the least wealthy (30%) or earning $20,000-$40,000 (27%), and living in the former City of Toronto (27%).   Forum president Lorne Bozinoff  says the figures show “a really broad spectrum of Toronto residents who would prefer the police have a presence in this year’s parade.” It also suggests a mistrust or dislike of the police among the younger, poorer and some downtown elements of the population.