Queen streetcars, arson and a reported cut in hydro rates

Buses will replace streetcars on Queen Street, the longest tram run in the City from May 7 to Sept 3. The change is necessary to repair and adjust several things along the right of way including repairs to bridge between the Eaton Centre and Nordstom (The Bay) which hangs close to the streetcar wires. The occasion seems to cry out yet again for an answer to why the City continues to maintain both buses and streetcars for the  frequent occasions on which the streetcars don’t run.


Police say they have confirmed that a fire at an Islamic information centre  on Weston Road and Humber Boulevard North was arson. Damage is said to be light and no one was hurt.


And the Toronto Star says Premier Wynne will announce a 25 percent “slash” to hydro electric rates sometime this year. Slash is the word if this is the amount of the reduction in bills. The story is by Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson. They liken the plan to taking a longer mortgage on your house so you pay less per month. The province has a problem not faced by most homeowners however in the enormous debt it carries requiring a sum of $30 billion a year in interest alone.