Subway suing CBC over whether chicken is chicken

Subway says it is suing the CBC over its allegation that 50% of the fast food chain’s chicken was made from soybeans. CBC Marketplace last month said DNA analysis found that Subway’s oven roasted chicken was just 53.6% chicken on average and the chicken strips were found to be made of just 42.8% chicken on average, the rest being soybeans. A spokesperson from Subway confirmed to Fortune magazine that the company has issued a Note of Action in Canada against the CBC that asks for $210 million in damages over the Marketplace allegations, which it called “defamatory and absolutely false.” Subway says the report was “factually incorrect.”


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says all options are on the table to deal with North Korea if it attacks South Korea or Japan. Tillerson was in Japan when he urged North Korea to wind down its weapons program and stop threatening other countries. The little-discussed reality about North Korea is its vulnerability to anything like normal relations. Many say that like the Soviet Union, the rigid little dictatorship would collapse if it began to interact with the rest of the world. Thus its self-imposed isolation may be seen as a calculated means of survival for the Kim family and its henchmen. It’s worked since 1945.


A drug-crazed man has stolen an ambulance and dragged a paramedic to her death in New York.