Toronto widow loses life savings to Internet romance scam

It is an old scam but when it’s linked to friendship and romance, the fictional Nigerian court award can work. This time a Toronto woman who was a former City of Toronto employee was duped using the elaborate web of trust established over seven years by fraudsters she had never met in person. At first it was $40,000 of loans and romance related lending. But in the end, the most destructive fraud imaginable — the sale of her condominium to pay for “fees” and bogus charges in order to obtain the “compensation award” of $22 million from a Nigerian court. Utterly non-existent. The woman is said to have lost well over $400,000. TPS Financial Crimes Squad is reminding members of the public to be extremely cautious when communicating over the Internet with strangers, particularly when being solicited for money, regardless of how sincere the request may seem. Other matters reported: