Uh-oh, what’s up with barricades at Bayview and Eglinton?

Barricades now enclose the road pavement on the southeast corner of Eglinton East and Bayview Ave. The arrival of this walled off area may telegraph the excavation of Eglinton Ave for construction of the Leaside Station. Leaside is one of the stations where Metrolinx warned the public that there would be digging with the open cut covered by planks. Reader Angela Rickett writes to say that the one-lane north and south at the intersection has caused the TTC to move the 11 Bayview bus stops “half way up the hill.” Virginia Lennox Kelly adds tartly: “This phase of construction, and the current barrier pattern, will last 10 months. Get used to it.” Sounds right. Must be why Metrolinx has set a public meeting set for Tuesday night in the Lea room at the Leaside Arena. See you there.