WORLD: Snapchat millions for school, 180-lb ovarian cyst

St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California parlayed a $15,000 investment into a windfall of at least $24 million in the Snapchat IPO. This thanks to a unique venture capital fund set up by the school’s investment-savvy parents. Upper right, a Pennsylvania woman has had a 180-lb. ovarian cyst removed after years of wondering why she was gaining weight. Lower right, human remains have been found in the sewers of a former church-run home for unmarried mothers in Ireland. The discovery is in the town of Tuam in western Ireland and the bodies are said to range from newborns to toddlers. And in London, Uber is fighting a court decision upholding a Transport Department order requiring Uber to prove that its drivers can speak English. At last notice, carefree Toronto took the position that it didn’t matter.