Wynne to hunt down “unconscious bias” in courts, schools

City News says the Premier Wynne will wade into the murky waters of “unconscious bias” as she tries to put to bed systemic racism. The plan will create an “assessment framework” to remove this phenomenon in programs relating to child welfare, justice and education. Unconscious bias has gained acceptance in some circles in recent years as scientists conclude that our poor primordial brains can’t deal with all the information necessary to avoid being biased. There’s no word on whether the job will require police to ask people if they know what they’re doing. City News


Executive Committee has approved the one-stop Scarborough subway following the input of about 25 speakers. Some opponents called the subway, estimated to cost $3.35 billion, Toronto’s Titanic. City Council gets another chance to kill off the transit sop to Scarborough but it is expected to pass there as well. CBC


And Sam Oosterhoff, 19, has won the PC nomination in the new riding of Niagara West by defeating the same slate of party executives he beat last fall when he went on to win a byelection. Canadian Press