Lake Leaside runs from east of Laird Dr. to Vaughan St.

Recent stories of the water-filled building excavation for retail development between Wicksteed and Vanderhoof Aves.have raised concerns about the safety of the fencing around this large area. The water which accumulated over a warm winter is now known as Lake Leaside. It is a giant pond with both straight and irregular shores stretching from behind the TD Bank parking lot off Laird Drive to an easterly inlet alongside the little-known Vaughan St. and then around another corner behind the commercial complex at 105 Vanderhoof. Its depth varies and it is anyone’s guess where the water is deepest and by what depth. But it doesn’t take a lot of water to be a public peril for those who are careless or immature. From a layman’s perspective, much of the wire fencing is pretty sturdy, especially along Vanderhoof and behind the businesses on Laird. But there are parts where it seems rickety. Other parts on Vaughan are bent, unsupported and would be easily flattened to pass over them Send your observations to