Artificial womb holds new promise for early preemies

Videos of interest start with the artificial womb, an ingenious device to give preemies that extra chance of life. Expect to hear more of this invention. To the right, there is fairly widespread concern among parents about the conduct of Netflix (again) this time over the melodramatic series “Thirteen Reasons Why” and how it may entrap young minds into the “I’ll get even with them” suicide. As any adult knows, there is no revenge for such kids, merely death. Below that, City News covers the closure this summer of Whittamore Farms north of Toronto. We listened closely but didn’t hear exactly why this is being done. Let us know if you hear it. And, the rescue of not one but 12 ducklings who fell between the rungs of a storm sewer cover when their mother inadvertently led them over this trap for little feet.