A&W builds brick “residence” at Jarvis and Wellesley Sts.

The long-standing arrangement between A&W Canada and Suncor Energy, owners of Petro Canada, has produced a marvel of fast-food accommodation at the northeast corner of Jarvis and Wellesley Sts. soon to open. The full line of A&W burgers and including no doubt the all-day breakfast will be dished up in a new red brick “residence” (our word) complete with cornices no less. It now sits nearly finished on half the Petro Canada lot at the busy corner. It’s a location where a typical A&W plastic and glass one-counter pop-stand apparently would not do. No sir. For the hordes of kids with available cash across the street at Jarvis Collegiate Institute to all-day traffic from business abounding and the late-night drive-by crowd, it will be like eating at home (more or less).

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  1. daffie
    May 4, 2017 at 10:09 pm

    Went there today ordered 3 burgers and a fries but they put in the bag 2 burgers and 1 friesand sweet potato fries. Disappointed wanna return it but its raining.

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