Brain trusters of the Museum Station stink bomb incident

According to police it was one of these two geniuses who tossed a joke store stink bomb through an open door of a train heading south yesterday from St. George Station during the afternoon rush hour. The train, as well as Museum Station had to be evacuated and traffic stopped for an hour at Museum station down the line to Union. The incident caused some panic and a full police and emergency response. Cops have the appropriate charges waiting for these two when someone reports who they are.


Vladimir Kalashnikov, 37, was arrested Thursday on charges of criminal harassment relating to allegations he posed as a modelling photographer to a woman, 29, who he met in 2014. He is accused by police of saying he was interested in having her model for him. The woman later realized the man had no intentions of photographing her and ceased all communication with him.


Police are warning of drug overdoses that killed one and sent five others to hospital. Let’s hope we don’t see any Ecstacy (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine — MDMA) around here. But there was enough to do catastrophic damage early Saturday at the Uniun Nightclub located at 473 Adelaide Street West where a 24-year-old woman collapsed and later died from an apparent drug overdose. Others were sickened by the drug. On Saturday, March 8, police responded to a medical complaint at The Rebel Nightclub located at 11 Polson Street. At that time two men and one woman had collapsed from apparent drug overdoses.