Deep Lake Leaside holds many tales of retail hopes unmet

“Lake Leaside” on Wicksteed Ave. no doubt holds many untold stories of plans delayed, retail development disappointments and big box entrepreneurs who are busy fixing business in the US. We can only guess. But it is now years since the SmartCentre interests began furious digging at the site. Then everything seemed to go silent. Insiders who protested the development in the beginning called it the Walmart Plaza. Even then there was no confirmation that it was the ambitious boys from Bentonville, Arkansas who had done a deal to build there. Walmart and others have faced the Amazon challenge in recent times. The Bulldog has no desire to see his new suit delivered to a nearby telephone pole by drone, but there seems no denying an altered retail style is at hand. Does it include Walmart Plaza, or more recently, Lake Leaside?