Era ends as “Mac” retires from Millwood Shoe Repair

It’s the genuine end of an era as Immacolato Racioppo (known to locals as “Mac”) retires from Millwood Shoe Repair at 706 Millwood Rd. just off Bayview Ave.  Mac has re-soled and heeled shoes, cleaned them up, ground skates and done many other vital duties to keep South Bayview on its feet. His son Rocco Racioppo writes on Facebook that he and his dad joined “Uncle John” at Millwood Shoe Repair in 1979. But that was 20 years after John Racioppo opened the business. “It’s been a great 58 years.” Rocco writes, “We have made many friends, many we consider family. I was taught the importance of respect, and hard work will never hurt you. It is okay to get your hands dirty it is never below you. My experiences I have been lucky enough to learn from over 38 years will stay with me for life. On May 1, 2017 my father is walking away and (will) hopefully enjoy retirement. After 38 years my dad and I are leaving a part of our lives behind. Uncle John started it in 1959 and we carried it to 2017.” It’s understood the business will continue under the same name with a new owner.