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In China, this 27-year-old woman will spend $14,500 US — a sum more than ten times her monthly wage — to improve her chances for success on a live streaming channel. It’s estimated that nearly half Chinese Internet users watch such channels, often featuring flirty young women who sell virtual gifts. Edward Baran of Reuters.


Bill O’Reilly is taking a vacation from his Fox News Channel show amid sponsor defections triggered by sexual harassment allegations. He announced the break at the end of Tuesday’s show saying it was planned and long in the works. He said he will return April 24. His vacation announcement comes as about 60 companies said they won’t advertise on his show. This follows a recent report in The New York Times that five women were paid a total of $13 million to keep quiet about alleged sexual harassment although there are no details of what happened.


Canada has 38 Starbucks stores for every million citizens, slightly fewer than the US, which has 41 stores per million people. Monaco has a surprising 52 stores per million but it’s a trick statistic because there are barely 38,000 people there in total. Fun with figures.