Fairy-tale pursuit to parenthood had a 21st Century twist

The current (April 2017) issue of Carol Eby’s magazine Neighbours of Leaside and Bennington Heights profiles Jay and Mallory Carmichael. He is the Director of Business Development and Operations at Holland Bloorview Kids Hospital on Kilgour Road. Mallory is employed in pharmaceutical sales. Their journey to happy parenthood has a fairy tale twist for the 21st Century. They needed and got assistance from the Anova Fertility and Reproductive Clinic on Sheppard Ave. West. The couple spent some two years of trial and error with prescription, injection and finally vitro fertilization pursuing a pregnancy. Their wonderful child Cooper Carmichael is evidence of their success and good fortune. If you don’t get Neighbours of Leaside and Bennington Heights, try to borrow it for the read. Photos by Mallory Carmichael and Storey Wilkins Photography