Family claims $4 million for “street lights out” as teen killed

The family of 15-year-old Madeleine Petrielli says it was the City of Mississauga’s fault that their daughter and her boyfriend were hit by a car crossing Britannia Road at Glen Erin Drive last December 2  At the time of accident, police said the two teens were crossing against a red light. But the family claims in papers filed Wednesday that as many as five street lights were out at or near the intersection and this is was what led to their daughter’s death. The boy was said at the time to be uninjured. The intersection of Britannia and Glen Erin is an enormous six-lane thoroughfare which seems dangerous to cross at the best of times. On such streets, pedestrian vision of vehicles is blocked by the vehicles themselves. The family is claiming $4 million. Teen and boyfriend were crossing Britannia “on a red light