Hanna Rd. family throws open “Leaf Shack” for playoffs

The Radford family of Hanna Rd. has re-opened the Leaf Shack in their back yard to welcome fans once again as the Leafs meet the Capitals in the first round of the NHL playoffs. The first game went with a fight — Washington 3, Toronto 2 in overtime. But neighborhood fans are invited to the Radfords backyard Saturday to watch the second game on the big screen. Last time the Leaf Shack was open for business was 2013 when more 70 people crowded into the backyard to watch Game 7 of the Leaf’s losing battle for the cup. At the time, Doug Radford, a Toronto paramedic, told The South Bayview Bulldog that the game attracted a crowd of congenial fans most of whom he had never met before. The Leaf Shack concept goes back more than a decade as a Radford family tradition. Here’s the schedule:

  • Saturday, 7 p.m.: Maple Leafs @ Capitals, CBC
  • Monday, April 17, 7 p.m.: Capitals @ Maple Leafs, CBC
  • Wednesday, April 19, 7 p.m.: Capitals @ Maple Leafs, CBC
  • Friday, April 21, TBD: Maple Leafs @ Capital
  • Sunday, April 23, TBD: Capitals @ Maple Leafs
  • Tuesday, April 25, TBD: Maple Leafs @ Capitals