Improbable lottery ticket scam, east end homicide alleged

Two fraudsters found the victim they needed to pull off a seat-of-the-pants phony lottery ticket scam in September. The woman seen above placed herself outside a lottery ticket outlet at Lawrence Ave.and Markham Rd. where she pretended to be weeping and pleading for help. The victim, a man, 54, came along and the scam began. She was the winner of a $2 million ticket but could not claim it because she was an illegal immigrant. Her accomplice arrived pretending not to know her but very impressed with her claim. She offered to split the $2 million three ways if the men gave her $10,000 up front. The victim agreed and so did the accomplice. They went to victim’s bank where he withdrew $10,000 in cash. Amazing. The perpetrators found an excuse to get out of the victim’s sight and were gone.


Police were called to an address near Queen Street East and Booth Avenue Monday where they found Martin R. W. Hauck, 56, dead. Their inquiries led to a warrant for the arrest of 25-year-old Glenn Gaetan of Toronto. He is armed and dangerous and should not be approached if seen. Police have offered no information about motive or any other circumstance.