Live stream of Vimy Ridge service set for 9 a.m. Sunday

What should we make of Vimy Ridge a hundred years later? It was a staggeringly costly battle far from home in which more than 3,500 Canadians died and 7.500 were wounded. The sense of duty and raw courage required by those who were there might well make us marvel. Today some 25,000 Canadians will be on the ground to honour the sacrifice and perhaps, try to make sense of it all. Some will visit the graves of great, great relatives.


Here at home, the history of Vimy is a story all its own. In the early days, widows, orphans and those left alone came to grips with the terrifying bloodshed and loss by finding solace in victory. Empire and the reputed forging of a new identity for Canada were the focus. But the succeeding chasm over conscription divided Canada for decades. Robert Borden, a Toronto lawyer was prime minister. His government imposed mandatory duty on Quebecers. It inspired rioting and resentment that lasted for decades. In the sixties, the father of the current prime minister made it his business to submerge memories of military victories. For years no one, certainly not cabinet ministers, spoke of Vimy.

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  1. Robert KNIGHT
    April 9, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    I watched the entire CBC live-stream and was very impressed. However, I do have one major complaint. Subtitles were provided for all of the English/French songs and narratives. However there was nothing whatsoever for any of the Indigenous segments. Moreover, during the ‘Ode of Remembrance’ segment in the tunnels, once again the English/French parts were captioned, but during the Native part, the caption came up proclaiming ‘foreign language” !
    What an insult! Even though I am a Canadian of English decent (which can be surmised from my surname), I was completely abhorred and disgusted. Since when are any of our First Nations languages ‘foreign’!
    WTF, TOTAL BS !!!
    Once again, ‘our home and NATIVE land’ is besmirched!
    -Robert Knight, Whitby ON

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