Matheroo sisters said to be posting pictures large in Toronto

Avery Haines of City News is saying that the Matharoo sisters. Jyoti and Kiran, are back in Toronto and that they somehow departed Nigeria without their passports. This may be, but the last word previously heard in December on the status of the two graduates of Don Bosco High School was from Brad Hunter in the Toronto Sun. He said they had signed “criminal undertakings” confessing to blackmailing and cyberbullying more than 200 men. One of the victims was the influential billionaire Femi Otedola. Hunter said the women had agreed to leave Nigeria and never return. Their departure seems quite sensitive with some Nigerian journalists. But there’s no evidence that the men who were humiliated by dalliances, if any, with Jyoti and Kiran are demanding a public airing of the matter in court. According to Haines, the Canadian government is doing a high-minded privacy routine around just what, if anything, it did to expedite passages of the femmes Matharoo. City News shows a social media account of the Dreamy Beauty Bar, 717 Queen Street East where it says they have been visiting. Their apology