OPP stop Hwy 400 “Grand Prix” and impound exotic cars

OPP have arrested a crowd of make-believe Formula One drivers on Highway 400 for stunt driving. Cops seized the expensive toys — as many as 12 — Sunday afternoon. A Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche were among a haul of vehicles, which will be impounded for seven days. Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, the OPP traffic cop and the face of highway driving law enforcement locally, said the cars were stopped when they were seen speeding near the ONroute service centre near Barrie. The drivers of the vehicles will also have their licenses suspended for seven days Schmidt said. Police used the word “erratically” to describe the driving. “That kind of aggressive driving (is) the leading cause of death and injury. We do not want people using highways as their little playground racetracks” Schmidt told CP24.

“If you want to have some fun, take it to a track.”