Sunnybrook CIBC moving up Bayview to 1820 says reader

Reader Virginia Lennox Kelly has messaged that the new branch of the CIBC planned for a storefront in the office building at 1820 Bayview Ave will replace the long-standing CIBC in the Sunnybrook Plaza. Customers of the branch may know this but The Bulldog learned of it through planning documents. The branch will be a loss for Sunnybrook landlord RioCan as it waits out the period before work begins on its residential-commercial makeover of the plaza. The space has been a CIBC branch since the day the bank was created by a merger in 1961. Before that, it was a branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce from the day Sunnybrook opened in 1952.  The new location is on Bayview between Roehampton and Glazebrook Aves. Also coming to 1820 Bayview is the Endeavor Sports Clinic which will open on the second floor of the building.


And CIBC is moving its headquarters south on Bay Street below the railway to towers to be built at 81 and 141 Bay.  The connected spires will rise 49 floors each and are known together as Bay Park Centre.. One building is scheduled to be finished in 2020, the other in 2023. CIBC will leave behind Commerce Court built in 1962 and the 1930s Bank of Commerce building which at 34 storeys was once the highest building in the British Commonwealth.