Rogers deal to dispose of Joe Natale’s Telus non-compete

At the time, Joe Natale’s departure from Telus was represented as a simple desire on his part to keep his family in Toronto even as his employer wanted him to move to Vancouver. That was August, 2015 and it was more than a year later in October 2016 that it was announced that Natale would become the new president of Rogers. The Toronto multi-divisional firm that Ted built had abruptly parted with Guy Laurence after less than three years. But Natale couldn’t take the job right away because he had a two-year non-compete settlement from Telus. Two years is a heck of a long time. That’s what Rogers thought too and now it has been reveled that it has worked out a deal with Telus for Natale to take over as boss at Rogers right away. Laurence out abruptly at Rogers to make way for Joe Natale.