Seeking a plan for crazy North Korea, justice for Robert Hall

Donald Trump has talked about “dealing with North Korea” if the Chinese are unable or unwilling to do so. This comes a few days before President Xi Jinping meets with Trump in Florida. It may be an empty threat but this CNN report says that if the US put sanctions on Chinese companies that do business with both the US and North Korea, the Chinese would feel it. To the right, the CBC has talked to the Filipino girlfriend of Robert Hall, one of two Canadians beheaded by ISIS last year in the remote jungle hideaway of this bloodthirsty gang. The Canadian government made a lot of noise at the time about hunting down the knife-wielding killers, but nothing much has been done it seems. Below that, Brexit is causing Spain to talk about reclaiming Gibraltar. That has some MPs recalling the Margaret Thatcher invasion of the Falkland Islands after Argentina grabbed them away in 1982. And Christians in Iraq have returned to a church where ISIS used the courtyard for a firing range. Worse than Islamophobia, it seems.