Three sought for assault, theft on Line 1 at Union Station

Three men are sought by police for a daylight bullying, assault and theft incident on the Yonge subway heading to Union Station and on the Union platform. It was 4 p.m. Wednesday (April 4) as two boys, both 16, were targeted for racial slurs from the three, seen above in surveillance pictures. The victims got off the subway at Union Station to get away from the suspects but the bullies followed them. One of the suspects punched the first victim multiple times and then ripped off his headphones They ran when people in the station came forward. The suspect with the headphones broke them in half and threw them on the ground as he fled. The boys are said to be okay. The suspects are described as follows: First, 18-20 years old, slim build, yellow jacket, blue jeans, baseball hat, second 18-20 years old, muscular build, short black hair, black jacket with a grey hoodie and third 18-20 years old, black jacket, grey pants, blue baseball cap.