Video wheel reports on Hernandez, Zuckerberg and O’Reilly

First up on the video wheel an AP report that former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence for murder, has hanged himself in his prison cell early Wednesday. Hernandez, 27, was found by guards in his cell. His story tells of a fatal nexus sometimes seen between a violent temperament and success in big league sports. Next, some words from Facebook monarch Mark Zuckerberg about somehow or other doing better. His social network had been criticized over the amount of time it took to pull down the clip of a murder taking place. The poorest judgement of all came from journalists who actually aired it on television.


Then, a black woman who worked at Fox News some years ago is complaining publicly about being addressed by Bill O’Reilly from time to time in a light-hearted way as “Hot Chocolate.” It seems he considered it a compliment and didn’t do anything else. But he was Bill O’Reilly. Yes big men should be careful what they say or they will pay. Which is what his lawyer says this is all about. Finally, the tale of the BC investment adviser who disappeared either because he lost or stole his clients money. This case reveals the folly of the “financial genius and friend” method of investment. Never give your money to a one-man wonder of a wizard who just can’t do anything wrong. Uh-huh.